The most powerful mamas in Sweden


When Margaux Dietz, 27 filmed giving birth to her son Arnold, she inspired thousands of mothers to-be. Last year she received the award ”the new mama of the year” She has now interviewed the party leaders on her own YouTube channel,  she is also a success in ”Let’s dance” and she is more than ”just” an influencer




Jag slutar aldrig att vara stolt över vår härliga influencer i familjen. Grattis Margaux till att få vara med på listan av Sveriges mäktigaste mamas tillsammans med andra fantastiska kvinnor, som nobelpristagare och kronprinsessan ,YEAH!

I cannot stop being proud of our great influencer in the family. Congratulations Margaux for being on the list of the most powerful mamas in Sweden together with a Nobel Prize winner and the crown princess amonst other fabulous women, YEAH!

Det firar vi när jag kommer hem från Berlin.

We will celebrate when I am back from Berlin.